New account activation - SSN / Credit Check?

I have previously been with verizon for 4 years.  Then left for two, and am now attempting to come back...


1.  Why is a credit check required to start a new account?  In particularly -  a no contract month-to-month plan?  

I obviously denied giving out my SSN and submitting to a credit check (since I see no legitimate reason for this), and now CS wants me to pay a $125 deposit because to them, I have a lack of credit history, duh.

This is for a new MONTH-to-MONTH plan, paid via a CREDIT CARD.  Why on earth, would a cash deposit be required?    

Any does my previous 4 years of $150/month payments mean nothing?

I am very frustrated here and hoping someone can make this right.

All calls to CS today only added to my frustration as not a single representative had an answer to my question.

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Pretty much standard practice in all service industries since you will not let them check on your credit.

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What? The Deposit is down to $125 now? Didn't know it was negotiable!

I also wanted a mont-to-month and was asked to provide a $250 deposit -which I sadly did-, and to my surprise I get my bill saying I was ON a 2-year CONTRACT.

My advise: Maybe this is a blesisng is disguise, don't go with Verizon and choose the cheapest plan out there (make sure to read the find print though), since all services are THE SAME at the end of the day.