New deals/ improved service, etc. only for new customers

Even though I am quite happy with my FIOS service, my main gripe with Verizon is that these occasionally really fantastic offers are always only available to NEW customers. Verizon does not seem to be particularly interested in keeping you happy by upgrading you to similar types of services once you have signed up.

Every time they offer higher speeds at lower prices, additional TV or phone services or any other incremental improvement/ benefit I am calling in only to be turned away, since I am already sending money every month. And I would be perfectly happy to re-start another 24-month lock-in, knowing that I will not move anytime soon.

They just won’t do it. Which seems silly, seeing how my neighbor has just the other day given up on them and re-signed with Comcast for internet and DirecTV for TV service. One would think it is a lot cheaper to retain an existing customer by cutting them a deal, than winning over a new customer.

But i guess at Verizon they see this differently.

Verizon - any thoughts on this?