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I have been a Verizon Wireless member for over 20 years. I have five iPhones on my account.

Over the summer Verizon was offering $1,000 for a trade in towards a new phone, which was great. 

That deal no longer exists. Today, in order to receive the highest trade in value, you must upgrade your plan to the most expensive plan or you can receive a free phone if you add a new line. I don't need a new line. And I like my current plan.

Verizon continues to disregard its existing customers. I will be looking at T-Mobile or AT&T or another cell phone company. BTW, Verizon recently raised my cell phone bill by $3 a line.  It's never enough for Verizon.

And the ironic part is that their 5G service isn't all that great.


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We're sorry to hear that the deal no longer exists. Our deals are always changing and we recommend jumping on any opportunity you like as they're subject to end at any time. The great news is that Black Friday always brings great deals, and we're sure this year will be no exception. You can also view our current deals here for something you'll like: