Nice Scam You Got Going Here Verizon. Charging me for DVR when I Did Not Ask!
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I am a long-time Verizon customer (over 15 years).

I recently moved which resulted in "new service" I was told.

The technician installed my TV and Internet while I was not there.  He arrived, I had appointments, I came back, and he was done.

This started in  May 2014.

I just now realized that I am being charged $12.00 a month for "multi-room DVR".  Each month, I just paid the bill without looking at the details.

I never asked for this.  I don't even know what it is.  

I tried to reconcile this on the phone with customer service but they seemed to have screwed up my account even more!

Now I have 3 set top boxes instead of 2?  What is going on?  I asked for a refund for the months I paid the $12.00 and she would not help me.  Instead, my account is now royally messed up.  

I only have TWO TVs.  How I got 3 now I'll never know.  Now I'm being charged for 3 boxes!!

If this is not fixed soon, I plan to remove Verizon and go to another company.

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Is one of the two a DVR?

THe charging was changed to be for number of rooms, in your case two and a additional charge of

$11 for a DVR

$12 for a MRDVR

$22 for one VMS DVR (enhanced quantum)

$32 for two VMS DVR (premium quantum)

This additional charge doesn't add another device for another room.

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