Nightmare Bill
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I renew my contract with verizon in february 9 and the new price suppose to start in the bill march 6, but because i renew 3 days after the bill show up already the lady in the phone explain to me that the bill should adjusted soon, I call after couple weeks and another lady told me go ahead and pay this bill and they will credit you the 27 day (discounted days) from next bill. I call again and a lady told me no adjust or credit that's how it suppose to be, so since each time i call i hear something deferent i called today and the lady (Kelly) told me also i am wrong and i missunderstood  and that's how the bill supose to be and she end up hinging the phone on me. Now it's not about the adjust it's about having wrong information and lie. I could'nt understand how this people work in the same place and each of them have deferent information and they expect you to not call million of time. I am thinking to take a vacation and keep calling until i get this done 

Re: Nightmare Bill
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.