Re: No $300 Visa Card/Bad DVRs/Lousy Service
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 I too did not receive the $300 Visa Card that was part of the deal that I signed up for. I specifically clicked on the $79 Triple Play Bundle + $300 Visa Gift Card online offer. I even remember having the option to choose between a Visa Gift Card and an Amazon Gift Card, in which I clicked on the Visa Card. After 90 days, I called and was told that I did not qualify for it. The 'supervisor' that I spoke to said that I should have seen on my confirmation email that it was not included and called at that time. I told her that the offer said I would receive the card after 90 days and that there was no reason for me to believe otherwise. After going back and forth for quite sometime, she said she could take off $10/month for one year and that she would email me confirmation. I agreed to the discount in the meantime, but of course never received an email confirmation. I've had wireless service with Verizon for almost 15 years and frankly never considered switching. I wanted to get FIOS for a long time to consolidate all my services to one company (with the intention of keeping it that way for a long time) but it was not available in my area until recently. I've had them for 4 months now and will be canceling both the FIOS and wireless services as soon as this contract is up. It's sad that their deceitful practices (over a $300 gift card) will be costing them a 15 year customer. I'll be sure to take as many friends and family members with me.

Re: No $300 Visa Card/Bad DVRs/Lousy Service
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I was just so fed up even with my proof that I emailed in to verify I did correct and called also on my Verizon landline to verify they still would not honor what they baited me with. I said then I want to cancel and was told be charged a hefty pentalty of $280 and since Visa card takes 90 days to process and you are only allowed to cancel without fee fin first 30 days it is so BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM they are running. I have already filed complaint with CA Consumer Affairs, also filed with FTC but due to it is internet based product they do not oversee these issues. So working on coupe other formal complaints and I cancelled service and I am refusing to pay them the fee, I explain everyday they call to collect why I am not paying and what they could do is take that Visa card you promised me and use that towards the fee and keep the change left over but they won't do that either. So I switched back to Time Warner and got without hassle a Visa card for coming back and a Galaxy Tablet and my monthly bill is $60 lower for same services. Quality of FIOS service was not what was raved to be and for the next 40yrs or so that I will be needing service they will not be a company I will ever use again for anything from cell, cable or even their RedBox services