No Notice of being Sent to Collections

I just received a call from a collections agency for a Verizon account i thought i was on a paymetn plan for. I ran into a hardship and missed two payments but i did not receive any notification like i had previously that I was at risk of being sent to colelctions. I am currently inthe process of getting pre-approved for a home so this couldnt come at a worse time! The collection agency said Verizon should have sent me a notice warning colelctions activity would be iminent. The first Verizon rep said he didnt see any notice on my account. The second rep said my notice was hte inital notice sent when i made the payment plan. 

Sorry thats not how that works legally. I avoided collections by making payments, if at this point i am at risk again the process begins again with at least a warning or courtesy call. Thats all i would ask for. Some type of heads up so I dont get screwed over by the bank over a petty 200 cable bill and i could come up with some funds somehow to make the payment. 

Not to mention i initially told them what i could easily afford and they mad em pay a higher amount in the payment arrangement to begin with, which aided in putting me in the hardship where i missed the payment to begin with. I hate to be made out to be someone trying to skip out on a bill. The customer service was horrible so i canceleld my account and made payment arrangements. Verizon treats their customers and former customers like low lives and when they dont have the proper answer they get upset and yell or try to put you down by telling you what you "should have" done or telling me I "got lucky" because they should have snet it to collections sooner!!???

Hindsight works the same for everyone, i wish i had never gone to Verizon, I am having a much better customer service experience with Cox and no random bill changes all the time. Improve your customer service! Meanwhile im waiting to hear back from the ever unavailable supervisors about the policy regarding notification of colelction activity. Im sure there has to be one and i want to see it writing! I was not made aware of new pending collections or givent he opportunity to make good on the account before sending it off.

Re: No Notice of being Sent to Collections
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Hi EHurt,

As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help with a resolution of your issue.