No reason to renew with verizon? / Customer Service Complaint

So tonight I contacted Verizon about renewing my service which is up next month. Basically Time Warner cable has a very enticing offer and are offering double my current speeds for a much lower price. I have had Time Warner in the past, and never really had any problems with them (I know some people do). Each time my contact was up with Time Warner I could contact them and they would renew my 2yr with whatever their current deal to new customers was. 

When moving to our new home we switched to Verizon to give it a shot. Overall seemed about the same, we had the same TV & Internet deal we had with Time Warner, just added phone as part of their triple play bundle (turns out we didn't need the phone, but that was our mistake).

After explaining (repeatedly) to 3 different Verizon "Agents" what was being offered to me, and asking if they could match or beat the deal (either is fine) they each told me they could. Time Warners offer for TV & Internet is $69.99, Verizon has the same deal for $64.99. Though they don't seem to be able to find that deal if you want to renew, even though they promised repeatedly they would beat any other offer. One "Agent" even referenced this deal but mysteriously DC'd shortly after.

The last "Agent was flat our ridiculous. Kept promising more and more, but in the end he kept asking me to renew the same contract which now was more then what we were currently paying. Twice he emailed me offers that were more than our current plan. 

After being fed up I asked for his supervisors name and contact information...BAM instant disconnect. 

Tried to post a copy of the transcript here but  apparently that is frowned upon as it shows how bad their CS truly is. 

Good job Verizon, this is why I switched off of your cell service years ago and have never looked back.