No refund and not honoring promo code

What do I do if Verizon has been charging me for a new iPhone  13 Pro I exchanged that I no longer have , a new iPhone 14 Pro Max,  and never honored their $800 trade in credit promo after taking my old iPhone 12 Pro?  This issue began in July 2022.. It is now March 2023. Every time I call them, we start from the very beginning, the representative refuses to escalate my phone call, and ends with them saying the problem is resolved and they'll call me next week to make sure of this. No one calls, I call and ask to speak with the same person I spoke to last time, they say no, I ask them to read our last transcripts or notes, they don't, and we start from the very beginning again.

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Re: No refund and not honoring promo code
Customer Service Rep

Hello there! Thank you so much for reaching out. We never want our customer to experince this and would love to review your account and find out what happened. Would you please PM us, so we can better address your concern?