No response from Verizon Fios Team
Good morning and happy new year. I made a phone call today and I was advised by a Verizon representative to wrote an email about cancelled service. By the way, I spoke with Brian.
Cancel Service Account Number - {edited for privacy}
Primary Phone: {edited for privacy}
Total Due $177.89
I have been regular customer for Verizon Fios since March of 2010. I feel that Verizon was taking advantage of me being loyal customer and not calling Verizon to cancel the existing service and add a new service. I should have done this every time when the contract was expiring. Since I did not contact Verizon, you increased my monthly bill from $79 to $100 and from $100 to $126 to $142 a month. This is not fair. 
I would appreciate if you can look into my above mentioned account and reimburse me the money which I have overpaid rather than showing account balance.
If you have any questions - please call me at {edited for privacy}.
Re: No response from Verizon Fios Team
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.