Not Happy with Verizon

So I just opened my account with Verizon and I am not happy with the online service

The part that kills me is that i am paying for the service

Question 1 

       Where can i file a complaint at Verizon

Question 2 

      why dont the reps at Verizon call customers back

Question 3

       I opened my account a few weeks ago and i cant access all my text message history  

I have called verizon and they cant give me a proper answer or call back

Re: Not Happy with Verizon
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Community Leader

These are peer to peer forums.

And at least one of your comments implies Verizon Wireless which is a partially seperate company and different fourms.

1)  Complaints are not handled at any of the online sites. 

2)  For fully opened problems I have had them call back.  You need to get the problem OPENED.  For whatever reason they are not very oriented around using the internet for problems.

3) This is the question that seems to me to be Verizon Wireless.  Note that you can access all you wireless messages THAT YOU HAVEN't Deleted on one of the Wireless sites. (Verizon Messages)

Re: Not Happy with Verizon

These forums are dedicated to Residential products and services offered by Verizon.

If you need help with Verizon Wireless issues, please post your topic on the Verizon Wireless community.

Thank you.