Not honoring deals 2 agents made

My contract expired in late July.  First deal I made was a day or two before the 2 year contract expired.  My old deal was ExtremeHD with 75/75 internet.  Had it for maybe three two year contracts.  Started with Verizon I believe in 2008 or 2009.  Only real extra I had was a dvr box.   Piaid 115 and change.

First new deal was July 22.  With a chat agent.  I was told that, for exactly what I have now, a 2 year price guarantee for 112 and change.  Extreme would lose HBO and Showtime and I needed to sign up for autopay for another 10 discount or the bill would be 122 and change.

I got sent the initial email where I had to sign off, agreeing to the deal.  Then the email with the order confirmation number.  Then I was told to sign up for autopay, which I did,  Now, I was never told it was a contract, but a 2 year price guarantee.  Although, if needed, I would have agreed to another contract.

I'm thinking everything is okay.  When I got my next bill, it was wrong.  It was 138 and change.  At least that was the amount that it said when I signed in.  Got in chat again.  Gave the agent the order number.  They told me just to play the 112 and change, which I did.

There was no autopay that month.  I was told when I signed up that the first bill I should pay as I always had.  That autopay would kick in the second month.  That is where the problems start.

My billing cycle ended like the 23rd, but autopay didn't pay the bill until September 7.  I see my debit card hit for 127 and change.  Go back into chat and give the agent the order number I got on July 22.  Agent told me that was not a contract.  Basically the other agent had screwed up and not actually signed me to an extension.

I said this was **bleep** and that it hadn't been a contract, but a 2 year guarantee.  I was able to give them the basic time of the July 22 chat and I believe they checked it.  They didn't deny that the agent had told me that, but there was nothing they could do.  The agent did issue a 16 dollar and change credit so I'd wind up paying the 112 and change for that month.  The agent said that was all their manager would okay.  Again, sorry, but that was all they could do.

This chat was on September 10.  Tried the chat route again about 10 days later.  Gave the order number again.  Said what happened on September 10.  That agent said, try calling a specialist.

I did on September 23.  Also, the agents were putting notes about these conversations in my account as we went along.  So, the next agent could look at them.  What the specialist did, first thing, was resend me the email for July 22nd.  The exact same email with the exact same order number confirmation.  

She said, again, hadn't actually signed me to a new agreement.  What she then did, I believe, is finalize the deal that I should have had on July 22nd.  Unequivocally, she told me I now had a 2 year contract.  NO WAY I misunderstood that and her is why.  She gave me a first year price and a second year price.  In the July 22 email, was a 5 dollar credit that expired in July of 2020.  So, I would pay 112 and change the first year and 5 dollars more the next.  That was not mentioned on July 22, but I was fine with paying that the second year and told the agent.  That 2 year contract was fine with me.

One other thing.  This agent issued me another 16 dollar and change credit.  I believe because it was the 23rd and it was too late to change that bill.  That it would be 127 and chage like the last one.  This credit would bring it down to 112 and change.

Actually, what she told me was that the bill would be undr 100 dollars because the first 16 and change discount hadn't actually hit yet.   127 and change hit my debit card in Sept 7 and I hadn't had a new bill yet to use the Sept 10 credit.  So, 127 and change minus the 2 credits would be under 100.  The agent gave me a ticket number for what she did that day.  The actual order number was the same as July 22.

Again, I think I am set.  Until several days later when I see my bill online.  Hasn't hit my debit card yet, but I see what I will pay.  It's 108 and change.  About 10 dollars higher than it should be.

Back to the phone.  Give the specialist all the details.  July  22 order number and the ticket number I was given on Sept 23.  AGAIN, told there is no contract.  Well, I ask, what does that ticket number say the specialist did that day?  She tells me that it shows that she issued  me a 16 dollar and change credit, nothing more.

I'm like, are you kidding me?  We get around to what a 2 year contract would be.  139 and change.  No thanks, I say.  Was with another chat agent maybe a week to 10 days ago.  Price I got was 149 and change.  On the phone with a specialist yesterday morning or the day before.  It's 139 and change again.

I see these offers when I sign in like 114 dollars for what I have now.  And it says includes 40 dollars in discounts.  Hell, my last contract I only had 25.

Now, my equipment went from 16.99 to 24 since the contract expired.  Actually, the last month of the contract.  Bill was 123 and change the last month.  I would have made a stink since they did it in contract, but it was only that month and the deal was up.  

Anyway, that is 7 dollars more and the regional sports fee and some broadcast fee went up 5 or 6 dollars between the 2 of them.  Okay, that is 13 bucks, but it should be offset by 40 dollars in credits instead of the 25 in my last contract.  Yet the bill would be going up about 24 bucks.    The cpst of the double play must have gone way up.

Bottom line, I'm not paying it.  And why should I when I've had 2 different deals that were agreed to?  I'm certainly not claiming that the agents did everything correctly?  Maybe they did screw up in finalizing the deal.  But is  it my fault if they didn't dot all the is or cross all the ts?  Honor the spirit and good faith the deals were made with.

I really don't want to leave Verizon.  Mainly, I don't like change. However, there is no way in hell I am paying them 20% plus more on a new 2 year contract for a reduced package,  They took 2 premium channels out of the package.  And there is no, no, no way in hell I'm doing it after I've twice been offered, by Verizon employees, 2 year deals for much less.


Re: Not honoring deals 2 agents made

Hi lancer1,

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