Old credit reporting/address

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me.  I have an old Verizon collection account on my Transunion and Experian report showing a $249 balance I paid in full 2015 but they are showing as 90 day late and even though it's old its still having an negative impact on my Fico score. A difference of 60 points between these and Equifax which doesn't report it.  So the address listed on my report--500 Technology Drive-- to send a goodwill letter is no longer valid and wondering if anyone has an updated contact address and/or email???  This is the ONLY negative thing on my credit.  My Equifax score is 775 and I would love to have the other two the same.  This is slated to come off 2/2021 according to Transunion, but that is not guaranteed.

Any help/advice is appreciated!!

Re: Old credit reporting/address
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Hi Sunflowers05,

As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help with a resolution of your issue.