One Bill Won't Let You Use Verizon Wireless Gift Card

I have been a "OneBill" customer for awhile.  I recycled my VZ wireless phone and received a VZ wireless VISA gift card which is supposed be able to be used to pay my VZ bill.  But there is a CATCH 22 - the VZ wireless gift card can't be used to pay your Verizon ONE BILL.  I just confirmed this strange outcome with Verizon customer service.  

When I called VZ Wireless and asked how I could apply the gift card to a VZ wireless bill (after trying do use the cards to no effect on a purchase of a phone), VZ wireless customer service said that under the ONE BILL system, all such inquiries must be addressed to Verizon  They could not help.

So I have been marooned with my gift cards that can't be used at VZ Wireless or on Verizon.  Verizon customer service suggested that I go to  FIOS store and use them there.  That appears to be a doubtful outcome as the FIOS stores are not owned by Verizon but rather are only affiliated with Verizon.  

This billing conundrum makes me feel like the cat chasing the laser pointer - it is a fruitless exercise to use these apparently useless cards.  PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.  

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