Online Exclusive Offer and 30 Day Cancelation policy are MISLEADING!

As an existing customer, Verizon Fios sent me an exclusive offer, and after I signed up for it, but there were pricing discrepencies in the contract. Instead of the advertized price, I was charged way more! They also did not include the discount for the Autopay. I called to revert back to the old contract, and they said it was not possible.  I said I wanted to cancel and the Rep told me I had 30 Days to cancel, and to call back after I have a new provider. After 1-week, I called to cancel and they said I had to pay $350 ETF. I asked about the 30-days, and they said it only applied to new customers. Absolutely ridiculous! I told them I had screenshots of the discrepency, but they didn't care. The Manager, Alb--t, was extremely unhelpful and wouldn't listen to reasoning. It's all a ploy to force people to either pay high bills, or the ETF. Verizon is a massive company, and they wouldn't like it if their loyal customers turned against them to file petitions for more oversight into their tactics or even report these incidents BBB. 

Re: Online Exclusive Offer and 30 Day Cancelation policy are MISLEADING!
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Hi Classy,

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