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In a nutshell. I was working with 3 different "helpers" all very nice. Basically trying to lower my $207 total a month bill down by at least $30. It seems no matter how many scenarios we chose, my bill was down by less than $10 a month. Your company offers a great intro offer to get you in, and then raise our cost up $30 a month to never get it lowered back down no matter what new options we choose. This is poor business!!! Your customers do not appreciate being taken advantage of. Your costs are much higher than other local companies. I am now checking into a better deal for my family.

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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.

All major cable companies behave about the same way.  New customer deals are for, well, new customers.

If you do decide to switch, you may find that Verizon offers you a better deal when you call to cancel.  The representatives who handle cancellations sometimes can offer better deals.   You might want to talk to them before you make your final decision.

Good Luck.