Online ordering error
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So I tried to move my services from T-mobile to Verizon. I ordered online and tried to port my phone numbers over. My phone was pick up in store, my wife’s was shipping. The store called within an hour and informed me that there was an error and the order would not process. After calling Verizon to confirm this, the order was canceled by Verizon. I got a cancellation notice on the pickup within a couple of hours but nothing in my wife’s phone. I went to store later, they called in and were told, with me hearing it, that is would take UP TO 24 hours to process the cancellation. I went back the next day, the rep called in again and they tried to push through the cancellation. Did not happen and was told UP TO another 24 hours. The next day, I chatted online and was told a ticket was opened and 100% the order would be canceled within 24 hours. Finding this unexceptional at this point, I called l, as the store was closed on Sunday, and was told everything was fine after being on the phone for an hour and half. They said the order showed as canceled, I would get a refund and could order again. Not the case. Called Monday morning, 26 hours after the clock started on the 24 hour ticket and was told it would be an additional 24-48 hours before the ticket was resolved. At every step I have been told the next day. The money has already cleared my account, no longer pending, and I keep getting shoved back. I know if 24-48 hours I will be told the same thing. Called my bank and disputed the charge after that last convo.