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I purchased a phone on June 19th via the Verizon Website.  When it arrived I realized I actually wanted another phone.  I sent the phone back as instructed, and was notified that it had been received on July 8th. I then ordered a phone on July 9th with pick up in store and that order is now locked.  Since the order was done on line no stores are able to assist me with this issue.  So, I am still being charged activation fees/taxes for the phone that was received, and the new order is locked, and NO ONE is able to cancel this order.  I am not told I have to pay the $101 in activation fees/taxes this month  for the phone returned and am supposed to be credited on the next bill.  How can I be charged for a phone that I do not even have.  They sure did not wait a month to charge me for these charges, that happened immediately.  

In the meantime I have a phone that is not working properly that I am stuck with because Verizon cannot cancel my recent order.  

I am in the process of contacting the BBB as this is nonsense.  

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I’m saddened you’ve been having trouble with those charges for the phone order KS117. We’ve sent a Private Note so that we can assist further.