Overbilling Customers (Again)
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I called to cancel my Verizon fios Internet service a few days ago. I asked about my final bill - to set expectations on pro-rating. I expected them to follow through on the upcoming bill and then do a credit.

But no!

Verizon does not do that. The supervisor admitted that their policy is to bill in 30-day increments -- and she was sure to tell me that it was in the "agreement" I signed when I signed up.


Verizon caught (again) stealing from its customers. No other utility tries to bill you when you are no longer a customer! Only Verizon.

I had never dealt with them before, but apparently confusing billing is part of their business model.

Have you ever noticed that your monthly e-mail does not tell you the dates of service for which you are being billed? 

Re: Overbilling Customers (Again)


it is in the customer agreement. In fact cable companies have now begun the same conditions. So it’s not just fios.

you are paying for service in advance. So if your start date was on the first of the month you need to cancel prior to the 30/31 st. Of the month prior to the first.

otherwise you owe for that month. Now you can still use that month you paid for just make sure to cancel BEFORE THE START OF THE NEXT START DATE 

nothing dishonest about it.

Re: Overbilling Customers (Again)
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"It's in the agreement." The 21 page agreement of legalese to help Verizon take as much money as possible from their customers.

Said like a true lawyer and corpocrat.

Customers ought to be able to cancel service at any time.

Internet service is the equivalent of a utility. Few providers; few options for service. If you want cable, you've got one option. If you want FIOS, you've got one option. No other Internet service options available at all. 

If I want water, one option. If I want gas or electricity, one option. 

A 30-day notice is not always possible. 

A beautiful way to scam lots of dollars from customers and build the coffers. 

Yes, Verizon can and does write policy to maximize profit at the expense of the customer. You justify your business decisions, but they remain unethical. 

Note to other consumers: The FCC's answer is to push the consumer back to Verizon. They "help facilitate communication between the consumer and the Internet provider." Total government cop out, which is more interested in big business than in citizens. 

Re: Overbilling Customers (Again)

I don’t make the rules or policy. I am a customer like everyone else. But I read what is available so as not to get surprised.

you have multiple choices out there for internet. Cable, Fios, DSL, or satellite so it’s not one service as you write.

water and electricity and gas also in some localities can be chosen as to provider. So it’s not all cut and dry as you make it.

there are other places to complain other than the fcc. Google them.