Overcharged and trade in credit issues

After 6 months of customer service calls and in person store visits to rectify a Verizon trade in issue, all promising to credit and give back all the overages, I need a more aggressive escalation or help getting this actually resolved.  

Not only is it unresolved and I have been overcharged $100s of dollars, they are increasing my bill!!!!!


Is there ANYONE that can resolve this?  An actual human preferred.


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Re: Overcharged and trade in credit issues
Customer Service Rep

You are in the best place for support with your billing concerns, jenniferbrusso. I am here and motivated to resolve your trade in concerns as soon as possible! Please send us a Private Note to get started. 


Re: Overcharged and trade in credit issues
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I have been dealing with them with my trade-in since July of last year...still waiting on my credits to apply to my account.  Every time I called/chatted, we go through the same process of verifying everything then they just tell you to wait 1 to 2 billing cycles.  So far, I received credit for 1 phone and still waiting for the credits for the other 3 phones (that $2,000 in credit).   We are going on 9 months now, since they received my phones.