Overcharged for WiFi extender that I purchsed

Noticed recently that Verizon Fios was overcharging me rental for WiFi extender that I purchased. After reviewing my billing statements, I noticed that the charge was added since June 2018, but I had purchased the extender in Aug 2016. Notified Verizon Fios, but they said they could only credit the last 6 months, even though it was their mistake that mysteriously appeared only months after my purchase.

They didn't leave me much choice...to file a complaint with NYS. Guess being a customer since 2015 means nothing and that it was entirely their mistake. Time to look elsewhere for my cable AND wireless needs.

Re: Overcharged for WiFi extender that I purchsed

You can file with NY State which cannot hurt. However you were and are responsible to check your invoices for accurate charges and call in when you find errors.

for all the times you never checked your monthly invoice you are now blaming verizon and want to switch to another provider. It was not verizons fault.