I got an email offer on 8/3/22 to add a line for $5/month more and a free iPhone. I confirmed the offer with 2 agents on 2 different days, I added a new line.

I did not realize I was being overcharged until December. I reached out via chat and was told there was never such promotion, I explained I had an email to prove it and confirmation from  2 of their agents, I was treated like I was ignorant and wasted my time.

I called in January and spoke with Frenchell, she explained that in order to get the $5/mo for the service, I had to be on a different plan, I let her know it was the agent’s job to add whatever plan was on the offer, she asked if she could go ahead and change the plan so that they can fix the issue, I said yes, whatever fixes the problem. But she said to fix the billing she had to speak with her supervisor, so I asked to speak with her supervisor, but was told they were in a meeting, but assured me they would call me back within 24 hours and that I would get a text before the call so I wouldn’t miss the call. I received a call a week later with no text prior, so I missed it, they left a voicemail. I called back and asked to speak with her but was told they could not get her on the phone, that they would have her call me back, no one called me back.

I called again yesterday and spoke with Ansley, she read the notes and spoke with a supervisor who told her that they could not fix the problem but could offer me a 3 month credit. I let her know I was not going to take a consolation price, that they had to make good on their offer, she said they couldn’t because the agent who opened the new line did not select the correct plan for that line for the offer to work, I said exactly, it was your agent who made the mistake and Verizon needs to fix it. I asked to speak with her supervisor, whom she’d been speaking with, but she told me they were in a meeting that they would call me back in 24 hours, I told her I could hold until their meeting was over, she said no. She also told me that if I did not take the offer of a 3 month credit, that when a supervisor called me back the offer might not be available anymore.

I am asking for Verizon to fulfill the offer that was sent to me, to go back and fix the billing for all the months I’ve had the line and to continue to bill me the $5/month that was offered.

Re: Overcharging
Customer Service Rep

Good morning, andy88, and thank you for messaging us for support! I am here and would be happy to help resolve your billing concerns. Please send us a Private Note to get started through this platform. We are also available for support through Twitter DM, Facebook PM, and Instagram DM for account specific support!