Package complaint
Enthusiast - Level 1

We recently had the router go out at our home and called in for a replacement.  As I was talking to the Verizon rep she told me that we could get faster internet for the same price we were paying.  It sounded too good to be true, so I asked a ton of questions and made sure there were no loopholes.  Turns out the lady just flat out lied, the internet turned out to be $15 more expensive.  We were also thinking of changing our programming to a cheaper package, but there was one channel we wanted (RFD TV) which wasn't in the package we wanted.  It was in the cheapest package, not in the mid-priced package, but magically re-appeared in the most expensive package.  So we stayed with the most expensive package just for that one channel, now a couple of months later they're dropping that channel.  So now we're locked into a 2 year triple play contract with more expensive internet we really didn't want or need, and the most expensive cable package which now doesn't have the only channel we ordered it for, and to top it off they went up on equipment charges.  So where we had been trying to pay less for our package, but ended up settling for the same price, we actually ended up paying more.  Talking to Verizon over the phone is useless.  They deny we were told our internet would be the same price (how the lady on the phone knew that is beyond me, just a denial I guess), and as for ignoring the quote we were given on our bundle and them going up on the equipment (the equipment is not part of your contract and can go up at any time), they basically just said "Tough".  Well guess who is dropping Verizon for phone/TV/internet?  I don't do business with crooks.