Paid collection not removed

In July 2013 I had a cell phone with verizon, they charged my $500+ dollars for 1 month, I couldn't pay it at the time, so I temporarily disconnected the phone and froze the account so I wouldnt be billed anymore until i could pay the $500, when I saved the money to pay the bill, I tried to log back in to pay it and found out that they closed my account and sent the bill to collections, I never recieved any mail from verizon or the collection agency on how to pay the bill so I let it go, when I checked my credit score about 2 months ago I saw that the bill was still on my credit score, contacted verizon and finally got the number to the collection agency, called them and paid the bill, I then contacted verizon and told them that the bill was paid, and they assured me that the bill would be removed from my credit score, i have photo proof of this, it has been a month since then and the account has only been marked as closed and is hurting my score even more now, how can i have this removed completely from my score?

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