Passcode and Temporary Pin

I hope someone in here can help me with a problem that I just had when I called recently to discuss my bill by phone. The first thing that happens after I finally reach verizon, is it starts asking for my pin, which I give, which happens to be wrong. So the agent tells me that I have failed in giving the pin that I remembered. But it was the kind lady who said that she would give me a temporary pin or passcode which would only be valid until the conversation was over. there was one that she said to go to the phone's voicemail or chat page, which I did but for the life of me,I cannot the page or place where I could replace my temporary pin or passcode at? Please help me because by now, these temporary codes that were given me have already been expired. I would certainly be indebted to anyone who can help.

Re: Passcode and Temporary Pin

Your pin code is normally the last four digits of your social security number to access your account. Both Fios and wireless require it. However you don’t need to add the second pin unless you want to.

on your account portal after you log in there is an account security page. You can set up or change your pin there.

on the wireless side it’s similar. I had to do some account changes for my mother in law who is 83 years old. Girl asked for her pin, she said her social security last 4 and the girl said and what is the other one? She said I never had another one. They texted her a pin for the call. The changes were made with no problem. So the temp one can be sent each time you may need assistance.

Re: Passcode and Temporary Pin
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If this is verizon's idea of a voicemail up date someone's head should roll.  I call one number and my pin is rejected.  Another is sent and that one is rejected.  Then I'm told that the wait for a person to speak to is 60 minutes.  Why couldn't they just leave the voice mail thing the way it was - it worked perfectly.