Pay Per View CHARGE for a UFC fight we did not watch (and would never watch!)

Hello users-

Has anyone else had this problem recently? 

We were charged for a UFC fight that we never ordered to the tune of $69.99!

These are the details: UFC 229 KHABIB VS MCGREGOR HD 8 pm (10/6 )

I called up to inquire about it and they said that we did order it and we also watched it for 53 minutes in our living room. They could do NOTHING about the charges.

Now, we are not crazy and we DID NOT watch this. (We actually had friends over that night and this would not be our activity! )

I spoke for almost an HOUR to a representative and then a supervisor.

The representative actually offered me a $20 credit but couldn't take off the $69.99 charge because, according to her, we watched it! (AAAAH!) The supervisor wouldn't even offer the $20. She suggested that we were lying or had unintentionally fallen asleep on our remote in such a way as to buy a UFC fight and then watch it for 53 minutes. (All while having friends to dinner.) 

On these forums I have subsequently seen that going back to 2014 other Verizon customers are complaining about UFC pay-per-view fights appearing on their bills. 
Verizon needs to pay attention to this and FIX this problem. Someone has been able to hack the system. 
The chat service has made a promise that they will appeal this charge for us....I will let you all know how this goes.
Very frustrating and a loss of two hours of my time today!
We will probably change to Comcast over this!
Re: Pay Per View CHARGE for a UFC fight we did not watch (and would never watch!)

I have seen this crossposted all over so let me see as a customer if I can help.

first when I used cable tv not Fios but they use the same procedures.

first you have to physically go to the channel of pay per view and in most cases use a pin code, the default use to be 4 zeros. Then your screen asks more than once if you wish to purchase this service or event. You have to acknowledge these steps prior to the event playing on your set. It’s a willful act to get the event. It’s not ordered by mistake.

now my next statement is more along the lines that it is possible that someone in your home that evening selected the fight and just did so without your consent. This is more likely. 

I have friends that tried to do that on my cable, but I was smart enough to place a block on such purchases so it was for naught.

i have friends and neighbors that like to come over on Friday or Saturday for the sole purpose to drink our liquor, it’s just the way people are.

there will be no appeal done on your behalf. It’s going to get to a point where if you don’t pay the invoice it will go to collections, then you get a credit report ding, and it will get worse from there.

you can leave Verizon but if in a contract you will be libel for an early termination fees and like I said it gets worse as you go along.

i would say one of your guests did this to you. Call up and block or remove pay per view from your account.

Best of Luck 

Re: Pay Per View CHARGE for a UFC fight we did not watch (and would never watch!)

Hi thompssj,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.