Paying on verizon website

I called verizon today, I don't know maybe the third time and told them about their website.

How difficult it is to make payments on it. I find it hard to see what I'm doing because the information I need is all over the place and off the screen and so are the buttons I need to click on. There are stuff selected I don't know about or can see because of windows popping up about help that I can't close. Then every month I get an email thanking me for enrolling in paperless billing which I did not enroll in, so I have to call them back on the phone to cancel that every time. Today I ask to have my due date change so I can make my payment through the mail and they cannot do that either, if I pay on the phone is an extra charge $3.00

I'm already paying enough.

Verizon is the only website I know that works like that. I don't know who they got to design it, or maybe is done in purpose to confuse people I don't know. I know they're not going to miss me but I'm thinking seriously about leaving verizon not just for this reason but others too.

Re: Paying on verizon website
Customer Service Rep

Hi PaintMan,

I had this issue one time on another site and what I did was click anywhere on the page (except on a link), hold down the control key and used my mouse to scroll down.  This will make the print a little smaller

It sounds like the images on our site might be bigger than your screen.

Let me know if the control key and scrolling helps