Payment Arrangement Issues

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on so forgive me for any mistakes.

Currently not able to make any payment arangements online & also actually

blocked from any outgoing calls via the "Usage Verification" department. I live

in the middle of just about no where so using someone else's phone to set up 

an arangement is out of the question. I'm $591 in the hole as of today but just

got done paying off a former arangement about 2 days ago and was hoping to

make another one. Can anyone help me out with this issue online if possible?

been a long time customer of verizon & really apperciate the argangement system

they have with customers falling on hard times. Thank you! 

Re: Payment Arrangement Issues
Community Leader
Community Leader

This is mainly a peer to peer support forum.

Unfortunately, your best bet is to call customer service to try and arrange to pay for your services.

You can possibly try using chat as well.