Payment Arrangement

It says they will work with you on payments during this crisis, this is a lie.  I had to pay $208 to get my service turned back on & I was told that my payment arrangement would be that I had to pay $200 something on 11/20, another $200 something on 11/27 and another $200 something on 12/4.  And it’s this amount because they charge a month ahead.  When I informed the worker that my hours were cut at work where I am no longer working full time, so I wouldn’t be able to pay $200 something every week, I was told they couldn’t do anything for me because that’s the agreement I agreed on.  I have been a Verizon Fios customer for years and during this hard time you would think they would work with me but I was told there was nothing they can do.  I was told my contract was up in December so I can feel free to not sign up again.  Worst customer service ever.  No sympathy, nothing.  

Re: Payment Arrangement

Many companies that had that COVID grace period have now went back to regular Billings. Yes it’s tough that the consumer is hurting, but businesses are hurting as well.

many are going out of business. It’s a hard time we are now in.

if you originally made payment arrangements with those amounts it would seem you have not paid for quite sometime. In any sense you are caught in a catch 22.

many people are facing far worse than no internet service. They are now losing their homes, being evicted out of their apartments and many have now ruined their credit standing. It’s a problem all around. Call Verizon again and see if you can get someone more reasonable. Or call your state’s public utilities office or attorney general’s office to see if you can get some relief.

best of luck