Phone trade-in and billing problems
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I have been attempting to get my account bill corrected since February of this year to no avail! I have called and sent chats numerous times and customer service keeps “submitting tickets” that do absolutely nothing to fix the issue. Has anyone had issues with getting promotional credits, stolen phones? Or has anyone had success leaving a phone service provider with a buyout option on phones that aren’t paid off yet? I can’t imagine dealing with Verizon for 2+ years at this point.  

We signed up as new Verizon customers with 5 lines at the beginning of January because of the huge holiday promotion for trading in phones. We traded in 4 iPhones and have only consistently been getting the promotional credits for one of these 4 lines. I traded my personal phone in through a separate order and did the trade-in in person at the store and this is the only phone that was correctly processed and credited. The other three phones were traded in by mail and Verizon’s process for mailing in phones is a complete mess and just asking for someone to tamper with items or steal phones.

We were provided with 3 packing labels to mail in the 3 phones through UPS, however, UPS will not take multiple packages with the same tracking number! So, we spoke with Verizon again and they told us we could mail all three phones in the same package, which is promptly what we did well before our 30 days was up. It was delivered to the dock of the returns center in Fort Worth, TX on January 26. We saved the UPS confirmation of delivery, including the fact that the package weight was 6 pounds (proof that there were definitely multiple phones in the box). I even have screenshots saved from a Verizon rep on 2/1/23 confirming that the phones were marked as received, which was also in our 30 day window. These phones were never processed for the promotional until I called in early April asking why we hadn’t started to receive the credits yet. I was told to wait 3 to 4 billing cycles, however our 4th billing cycle was in April!  They said just to wait longer.

I messaged and called a few other times over the spring and summer months and in July they finally fixed one more phone line (a black iPhone 11 64 GB, which should have added a $22.22 promo credit for 36 months) and submitted tickets for the other 2 phones (a red XR with a $22.22 promo credit for 36 months and a purple 11 128 GB with up to a $27.78 promo credit for 36 months). However, after the one time credit in August for the black 11, now those credits are gone from our bill again, so in September and now for October we lost the $22.22; unbelievable!  

When I called over the summer, I was told at one point that neither additional phone )the red XR or the purple 11) could be found and they submitted tickets to investigate. I had to call back to get updates on this as my August bill still showed no credits for these lines. Then I was told that the red XR was located at another warehouse but the purple 11 was missing/stolen! So, they submitted yet another ticket with my UPS proof of delivery time, location and weight, but still no updates on EITHER PHONE LINE. We should be saving at least $66.66 per month on our bill for these 3 lines while the phones are being paid off over 3 years, but we have only received a one-time refund for 7 months of credit for the black iPhone 11. At this point I should not have to keep calling different reps and repeating this story over and over and still continue to see zero results!  

On a side note, we had the Verizon sales rep in our local store make unauthorized additions to our account as well when we signed up, but we caught it later that day from home and called to complain about the service and get the charges removed. At this point we are moving onto BBB complaints and determining if there is any buyout deal we can find to switch service providers before our phones are paid off because how we are being treated.  

I hope that no one else has to deal with this or any similar issue. Also, I absolutely will never trade in a phone by mail again! Back up your phone/pair it on site and trade it in with a representative after taking pictures of the condition they are in and get everything in writing/printed out receipts.  

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We're terribly sorry for the issues you have encountered with your account. We would love to try and help you with this situation. We will send you a private note to further assist.