Please update your Oklahoma tax maps...
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I do not live in any city or town.  I am on acreage in the county.  Why do you keep trying to charge me sales tax for the next town over just because we share a ZIP code?  ZIP codes are for the US Postal System and not Oklahoma tax boundaries.  

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Re: Please update your Oklahoma tax maps...
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Verizon wireless surcharges include (i) a Regulatory Charge (which helps defray various government charges we pay including government number administration and license fees); (ii) a Federal Universal Service Charge (and, if applicable, a State Universal Service Charge) to recover charges imposed on us by the government to support universal service; and (iii) an Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge, which helps defray and recover certain direct and indirect costs we or our agents incur, including:
(a) costs of complying with regulatory and industry obligations and programs, such as E911, wireless local number portability and wireless tower mandate costs; (b) property taxes; and (c) costs associated with our network, including facilities (e.g. leases), operations, maintenance and protection, and costs paid to other companies for network services.

These surcharges are Verizon wireless charges, not taxes or government-imposed fees. These charges and what's included, are subject to change from time to time.