Poor Billing Practice

My family and I depart to our next duty station overseas and I call Verizon to have my home internet cut off when we depart on the 15th of August.  I learn at that time that Verizon bills per month and that since my next billing cycle started 8/1 I will be billed an entire month of service even though I leave our residence on the 15th.  To make matters a bit worse, my "discount" happened to expire last month so I get the wonderful new cost of $84.99 vs. the $39.99 I have paid for the past year plus.  No email warrning about that increase by the way - thanks again.  And last but not least, Verizon - knowing I was alread in a new billing cycle that I would be charged full amount for offered to cut the service whenever I wanted.  How nice of them, charge me a full month period but be flexible enough to cut the service at anytime the customer wishes.  I hope we have another service provider option when I return as this will most likely prevent me from spending another dime with Verizon.

The company seems to be able pro-rate the cell bill and service why have you not learned how to do it for home service.  Terrible customer service, terrible.

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I cannot speak about the payment for a full month, except Verizon “BILLS IN ADVANCE” so a prorated refund should be possible. However if you google Verizon does not give refunds or prorata. It’s a toss up.

but they do most certainly give warning on their monthly billing invoices.

if you have discounts they are listed on the invoice. Verizon does not have to email you.

its our responsibility to look at each monthly invoice.