Poor Customer Service :-( I wanted Verizon to be good but...

I really wanted and expected Verizon to be exceptional in product and service - but the service was so bad that I stopped installation right in the middle. I honestly did not want to post here, I tried to find an email address but Verizon said I could write a letter or post here. I had an extremely awful and poor experience with Verizon Fios. I tried to install service with Verizon but received multiple emails on the day of installation. Initially my installation was scheduled from 11am-2pm. On the morning of the installation, I received an email at 8:35am indicating that the installation would take place from 8:15-9:15am. The installer called around 9:00 and asked if I was available for an early installation. I explained that I was at work conducting meetings. The installer then said it may be later than the original quoted time (11am-2pm) and that they would install another person's home first. I then received an email an hour later stating that the installer's new arrival time was between 2:00-3:00pm. I then called Verizon upset about the lack of notice and professionalism in handling appointments. She then told me the installer would arrive at 11:30am. When the installer arrived, he insisted on drilling holes in places that were contrary to my landlord's expectations and discussions with the installer. 

I then called Verizon because this was the last straw for me. I expected a certain level of professionalism from Verizon and I am completely shocked that Verizon acts in this manner. I am revisiting other internet providers now but once considered Verizon as one of the premium providers - that consideration is now lost and I hope your team thinks critically in how they handle their clients' needs.