Poor Customer Service

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Dear Mr. McAdam,

I am writing because I am very disappointed with Verizon’s services and customer service. I have been a loyal customer for over 5 years! I pay over $325.00 a month for my service with Verizon and I expect to receive better customer service.

I had an issue with my November payment. I called customer service mid-November (on hold for over one-hour) to see if the online payment appeared as scheduled. The customer service representative did not see the payment. Additionally, she never mentioned that the payment needed to be made that day or my service would be suspended. The next day the service was suspended and I immediately made a payment as intended – I just did not want a make duplicate payment.

For the past two weeks, I have been calling customer service (again on hold for over one- hour each time) to request a waiver for the $50.00 restoration fee as a courtesy, but was denied. The customer service representative in the retention department was very rude and only offered many excuses (in my opinion) to deny my request. I did not and have not denied that the charge was valid. This was the first time that my service was disconnected, and as a loyal customer for over five years, I was only seeking this minor request. But to be treated with blatant disregard was most disappointing.

Of note, Verizon and CBS has been engaged in a dispute which also impacted the services provided by Verizon. Verizon has only offered an apology to its customers for the inconvenience. Will the cost of my services be discounted for the period of this inconvenience?

As such, I would like to renew my request for consideration for Verizon to waive the $50.00 restoration fee on my November 2018 bill.



Re: Poor Customer Service

First off Lowell is no longer in charge of Verizon. It’s also not going to do any good writing on a customer helping customer forum. Where the best you can achieve is a response from a moderator bumping it up to a Verizon rep. But you already spoke to a rep.

i would send a certified return receipt to Verizon billing services from the address on your monthly invoice. Explain the issue. However since you know what your monthly service dates are, Verizon may not honor your request. As you have already found out.