Poor customer service
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So we was having some financial issues due to health issues and having time off work for a procedure to get done…. Our church decided to help us out and pay our Verizon bill as well as other bills. Fast forward 3 weeks and just yesterdaythe church said Verizon no longer accepts checks in the mail and sent the payment back. This was yesterday they informed us it was sent back! Today while I’m at work our phones was suspended and now we cannot call and speak to a live representative/agent to figure this out to where the church can pay the bill. But now since service was suspended the dumb automated system/ bot won’t let us speak to anyone until the bill is payed but if I can’t speak to Verizon about the issue how the heck can I call to talk to them or even send a message through the system! This is a load of crud  and really showing how well Verizon values its customers! What to do?

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