Poor service

I had inadvertently not updated my autopay with my new card info. I called Verizon to do this and asked if the autopay would run now that the card was updated. They said no and that I’d have to pay manually this month. So I did. 1 day later, the autopay  ran, pushing my bank account into a negative balance and incurring fees! I called Verizon and asked for a refund and was told the refund would be processed to the card I paid with. Now I get an email advising that Verizon are mailing me a check within 2 weeks. I’m appalled at the constant miscommunications. And you can’t even email back, you have to call and sit on hold. Waste of time and can not wait to cancel my services when I move interstate in April 

Re: Poor service
Moderator Emeritus
This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.