Price increase in bill by 13 dollars all of a sudden

Ive been a Verizon customer for 4 and a half years or so. Instead of completely cutting the cord I went with the local channel + 50/50 internet package which came to around 73 dollars a month initially. After a while it increased slightly by a few dollars then it jumped to the 79.07 which I've been paying for over a year if not longer. Fast forward to this past months bill and now this same  barebones package is suddenly 13 dollars more!?!?!

I've called Verizon and didn't get any real explination other than my TV package, which only consist of local channels, has increased in price. No channels added, no faster internet speeds.... nothing. Mind you I wasn't under any kind of contract which was nice but the rep wanted to lock me into a 2 year deal with channels I don't care to have just to save 7 dollars. No bueno. Is comcast the way to go at this point or do I let go of the TV package all together and look for a higher internet speed at a lower price?

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You see this would be a tough decision. Is there high speed internet up to or above with cable internet? If so check out the pricing. See how long the price is good for.

where I live the cable company has a three year deal of no price increase and $39.99 for 400 tier speed internet (not asymmetrical) and tv for $39.99 it is around $90 after fees added on. But if internet only just $39.99 no taxes.

you could get a streaming tv service and save even more.

or you can call Verizon and drop tv which is loaded with taxes and fees and Verizon surcharges. Go internet only and still get streaming tv. So think about your options.