ProMotion credit chargeback
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We recently upgraded two phones and were supposed to receive promotional credits. We have yet to receive any credit on a bill yet, but what is worse is the next bill we are now seeing a $150 promotion chargeback. Verizon is showing they are going to charge us $150 for a promotion we never received. We have called customer service 4 times and each time the issue is “fixed”. The problem shows corrected for a few days, then is corrected a few days later. It is as if Verizon doesn’t want to honor what its customer service agents have set up multiple times. One line is showing a credit, while the other is not. There also seems to be no resolution at this point. 4th ticket issued tonight. Not hopeful we will see a resolution.

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We would be happy to assist you with your concern. Please private message us for further assistance.      *Mabell