Problem with bill and fios service

On Nov 2017 i was upgraded from DSL services to Fios, I received on mail a Special Savings Voucher from marketing department. The offer was a triple play for $60 for one year, no contract, free internet service, router and set-top box free, 3 premiun channels free, setup charge waived.

I called to Verizon to get the offer, i was told by the agent that the total bill for the triple bundle offer will be $93.77 and i can get a discount thru the company that i work once i apply on verizon connections.  On Dec 2017 i received a bill for $98.24 but on January 1, 2018 the bill jumped to $369.89 and on Feb 2018 it went to $539.28. i was charged for the premiun channels, set-top box and the setup.

 I have made many calls to Verizon services,spoke to differents agents, spent a lot of time trying to fix the problem, they told me the problem was corrected but the problem is still there. 

I have not requested change on services all i have requested was to give me what it was offered, all these agents are not help. I hope they are trained to listen the customer problem and solve it, they only change the plan and keep adding to the bill.

I am frustrated dealing with this problem, hope someone read this message  and give me a hand to solve the problem. 


Re: Problem with bill and fios service
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.