Problems Disputing Billing issue

I have ended service with because of billing issues and even though I challenged the amount due with no response from Verizon my account has been handed to a collection agency.

Billing issues started on day one when it turned out that an unauthorized Verizon Wireless agent opened a FIOS account and the FIOS agent claimed it was not possible but I got the service.  Several of the first bills contained charges that I never autoorized or received.    Back and forth for months until I just paid the amount that I was given by the Wireless agent as my monthly cost.

Every few months I would try to contact Customer Service and agents were pleasant and claimed they would look into my complaint but the billing was never completely credited or corrected.    In April when I decided to terminate my contract I asked for a written copy of my original signed contract and all the billing and payments made.      I never received that information.     Today I called for the same request and told I cannot get a copy of my account and I need proof that I was over billed.   I explained again as I have several times in the past that when I receive my account information I would specifically mark each billing charge immediately but was now told that Verizon cannot supply my account information.

If Verizon will not communicate with email and cannot provide me with records to allow me to show them what I complained about over the phone for over 20 months and claim I owe them money how do I prove to them that their billing issues have been challenged?

The claim the phone conversations are recorded so why can't I get copies?    Agents apparently can look into account information at their convenience but ever since I terminated my account no agents will comply.    .

Re: Problems Disputing Billing issue
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Hi patricktwohey,

Was your contract with Verizon Wireless or Verizon Residential, and which company was billing you for the amount you are disputing?