Problems with Bill

I was a Verizon Customer in 2015 and later in 2016 I switched to Optimum. In 2017 I switched back to Verizon and used the same Verizon Router which i had earlier. The Verizon Tech Support guy came and installed my old router and charged me for the service. After 2 months i saw a degradation in the performance and when I called the Tech Support, they told me that i needed an upgrade to fios which they are giving to all customers for free. I was shipped the new FIOS router and I installed it myself. I was told that i will be given further discount and my bill would be $29.99 for 2 years but when i saw my latest bill i was charged around $48 which is ridiculous. Why do you cheat customers like this? Did i do a mistake switching back to Verizon? Please correct my Bill.

Re: Problems with Bill
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Hi optoverizon,

Please be aware that this a forum where users help other users. If you wish to speak with a Verizon representative about your issue, then please visit our Support page for a variety of ways to contact Verizon, including "Ask Verizon," our virtual chat agent, and customer support phone numbers. For billing questions, please contact Verizon during normal business hours.