Promo Issue and bad resolution
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So I got postpaid service for 4 lines in January. I called Verizon to setup the plan and I asked what phones were covered by the "On Us" promotion that was going on. He gave me several choices and I made my selection of 2 Iphones and 2 S20FE phones. All set.... A month later I got my bill and the 2 iphones had credits applied like they should, but not the S20's I talked to someone and they said  "Oh that just didn't apply this month, check your next bill and it will be resolved". The next month it was the same thing, so by this point we had spent over $60 on the phones that should be credited to our account each month. Well every month until now I have called or chatted and they have acknowledged the problem with not good solutions. I was given one offer of $200 basically to call it good even though the two phones would  $1200. Last month I thought I finally got somewhere, they told me they would apply the credit to my bill and that the next bill would have credits for all the months I had already paid for. Well today I got my new bill and still no credits. I called and after being sent to two higher managers they said since there was no promo Samsung would not allow it and that all they could offer was $300 per phone. So essentially half off the cost, but still if THEY were the ones to offer me the phones they should make it right fully. They said I should have told them before 30 days was up and I could have traded them in for the right phones, but they also originally said to wait another month!

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Hello, lilaclrm, thank you for reaching out regarding your device promotion. We're so glad you chose Verizon and want to ensure that you receive the credits that you deserve. So we can best assist, I will be sending a Private Note.