Proof of moving to new non-Verizon address

So if anyone from Verizon reads this, here is a suggestion for improving communications on your website. I am moving to another state and had to submit a copy of a utility bill from my new address to prove residency. I submitted it and did not hear back from Verizon , even though the website says I would receive an e mail confirming receipt of the residency proof OR a follow up e mail if there are any problems. I did not ever hear back. I just called Verizon and they said yes, we received your copy of the utility bill but couldnt proces it because it is not dated. So you need to put that on the website to say: current date is needed along with current address. It's not on there that the date is required. Also, if you say you will get back to me if there is a problem, that would be a good idea, as well, so I dont have to call back and get in a one hour queue to speak with someone. In addition, the original agent I spoke, Ridley, with said he would research for me whether I could have the forwarding message on my phone for more than a month and he never got back to me. Agent #2 today was able to ask a supervisor and answer it right away. The answer is maximum of 3 months. I wish it were longer, even if I had to pay a small fee, as I am giving up a land line phone I have had more more than 35 years and many people will continue to call me on it.