Re: Untrustworthy customer service in Harvey Louisiana

Dear Mr. Stratton,

Happy New Years and I want to thank you for being on a successful team such as Verizon. I really did enjoyed Verizon services and I do consider them one of the best wireless cell phone companies. Recently I switched from Verizon to Sprint. This switch came on the hinged of me getting information from one of your Verizon employees at the Harvey location in Louisiana.  As a U.S. Soldier I feel mistreated and abused. On Dec 15, 2013 I visited the current location to purchase (3) 5S IPhone, but according to the salesman, they did not have any special sale. So I informed him my wife and daughter wanted the phones for Christmas, so what’s my best course of actions, he went on to say that I would have to purchase the phones at 199.00 each. So I asked him what if I went to another company, such as AT&T or Sprint who was providing incentives at the time, “WOULD I HAVE TO PAY ANY ADDITIONAL FEES FOR MY CONTRACT OBLIGATION and HAVE I MEET MY CONTRACT OBLIGATIONS?”

The salesman then asked for the primary account information which was {edited for privacy}, and then he asked for the pin associated with the account {edited for privacy} in which I gave him. He entered the information into the computer, then he informed me that I meet my obligation requirements and I would not be penalized if I wanted switch to another wireless carrier.  So that is what I did and 3 weeks later I got a huge Verizon bill for 640.00.

I called the office to inquire about the bill last week and I was told I did not complete my contract obligation for 2 of my 3 phones. I explained to the representative what took place on Dec 15, 2013 and asked how could I get the contractual obligation fees waived?  I was going off of the information provided to me by one of your employee. He stated, “He did not have the authority to do that and he would have the manger to give me a call.” The manager never called so the next day (Jan 4, 2014) I called the office and spoke with the manager (Mrs. M. Valentine) who tried to fix the problem, but could not, due to the fact I would still have to purchase 3 phone at $199x3, because the old phones was sold to the other company, so she could not assist me with the request to waive to contract fee and informed me that there was nothing she could do.  She went to say Mr. Williams it appears you were a loyal customer and paid you bills on time, but if I could have switched you back to Verizon, then that is the only way she could reverse the 200x2 obligation fee.

So I asked he, “What type of ownership are you guys going to take for this MISHAP, I came into your office and listed to your employee, who I thought, was a trusted source. I asked he to realistically think about this, according to her I had 7 months left on the other 2 contracts, so why would I break the contract to pay more money, when I could have just waited for 7 months.

As a U.S. Soldier I have values and morals. I must to in good standings with paying my financial obligations and adhering to my contracts, so I have already paid the bill.

I am a father of 5 kids and the unwarranted $400 has taken a toll on my family, so I asked that you investigate this incident and waiver the $400.00 refund to my family.  

Re: Untrustworthy customer service in Harvey Louisiana

Hi armychief,

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