Re negotiate 2 year triple play???

My triple play 2 year contract is approaching the 10 to 24 month mark where it will increase from $146 to about $220 a month. 

I called Verizon to inquire about dropping the phone and t.v. and was told that it would barely save me any money to do so, that having internet only would still run me well over $120 a month. That sounded still high to me and after talking to 2 reps who kept talking in circles I gave up. 

Any suggestions on how to get a handle on it? Yes, I even told them I would cancel and they still tried coaxing me into keeping the triple play.  

In my area it's a choice between Verizon and Comcast, I had Comcast before and was always losing internet connection, Verizon had much better reliability but the billing system where your bill just climbs up is a nightmare.

Its worse than being stuck between a rock and a hard place with little choice of internet providers and having outrageous terms with Verizon. 

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