Reach customer service via email

How do I reach FIOS Customer Service other than by phone?

I've tried that method. Problem was supposed to be fixed within 48 hours, and it's been over three weeks without resolution.

I signed up for installation over the internet, and received an email stating the terms I agreed to with the installation, including no installation fees and specific rates.

However, the install was not done according to that order. I am still missing the channel lineup ordered, and the bill emailed and posted to my account is twice what was indicated due to increased costs, install fees, and non-waived charges.

If I could just email a PDF of the original email order to someone, that would be better than trying to read it line by line to an agent on the phone who is trying to transcribe it (and really, has no proof of what I'm saying). 

If I can't get this lineup and bill resolved in 48 hours, I'm going to have to cancel and go back to Comcast (who despite their shortcomings, at least had clear methods to reach customer service). And I can't call in during "business hours" without taking off from work. 

Re: Reach customer service via email
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.