Recouping install fee?
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Here is the basic background on my issue. I upgraded to the Gigabit service in June. Original install date was scheduled for July 5th. I took off work and no one showed up. Called Verizon on the 5th and the person stated that no one from the operations department was picking up. Wonderful. Call and complained on Saturday, July 6th. Verizon is very sorry for the inconvenience. They schedule me for July 21st. Tech shows up, installs new ONT and router. everything is fine. A day later, we are losing internet connectivity every hour. My wife and I work from home so this is brutal. Went through numerous tech calls and they even had me pick up a new router. Nothing worked. New tech comes out on July 27th and finds out the first install was wrong. Fixed the issue and was told I could complain about install fee. Called a few days ago since I saw the $149 fee on my new bill and Verizon will only give me $80. VERIZON install was bad and lost a week of work and they refuse to waive the fee. I'm still so **bleep**, I'm willing to take the $350 early termination fee and move to another provider. Anyone else have any luck getting refunds on bad installs?

Re: Recouping install fee?

I am assuming via reading your post that you were a customer who just upgraded.

if that is the case you cannot leave without the etf. However

contact your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission via google search and file a complaint with them since they regulate verizon.

if the first install can be proven to be shoddy then you tell the agency and let them handle it. Now did anyone say there was a fee accessed prior to the tech visit? If not you may be able to recoup any monies paid.

if you are a new customer then you have a 30 day total customer satisfaction guarantee so invoke it. Or contact your states attorney generals office on the guarantee.