Renewal without permission

I surprised to find that my December bill was about $40 more than my November one.  It turns out that my contract had expired at the end of November and without a good faith effort to contact me, Fios renewed my contract on a monthly basis without my permission.  They just billed my autopay.  So, because I tried to make things simpler for them I'm out $40.  I went through all the complaint avenues but received no satisfaction.  A simple apology that we won't do this again to someone else would have sufficed.  I tried posting this on Facebook but Fios never put it up.  I'm just trying to make others aware of this improper action.

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Verizon cannot renew your contract at the end of your term. They must contact you and barter with you, or you with them.

you should be on a month to month non contact status. With this status you can opt to leave with no penalty.

i would also cancel autopay and only use “1 time payment from the app or web site “ never let any company have access to your money or credit cards.