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I am in the early stages of exploring my options for renewing Verizon.  My current contract expires in August.  I have been looking at all the renewal offers and they are all well above what I am paying now and all the new customers get exceptional deals.  With AT&T adding their so-called "gigapower" in my neighborhood, I get a salesman once a week trying to pursuade me to switch.  I really like Verizon and have had their service since 2006 (except for one year when I moved to FL), but other than that, I have been with them.  It does not seem like there is any loyalty to keep me as a customer as when I call, they say there is nothing they can do for me.  If that is accurate, then I will have to switch to AT&T, when I really do not want to.  AT&T said they will credit my account for the amount that I owe if I switch to them and their new customers offer is about the same as what Verizon offers for their new customers.

Can Verizon do anything?  I dont really want to switch, but the renewal rates are so high.


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FYI, you're talking to peers here.  If you want to get answers direct from Verizon, you need to call or chat with them.

If you call Verizon and select the menu options to cancel all service, you'll be connected to a retention specialist.  They may be able to make you an offer you'll accept.  It helps to know what the competition is offering and be prepared to schedule a cancellation.

Note that pretty much all big cable / Internet companies offer teaser rates for a year or two.  They all go up, sometimes by a lot, after the teaser period expires.  A savvy consumer needs to stay on top of their service and regularly negotiate for the best rates.  Sometimes it does make sense to switch, but that is up to each individual to figure out.

Good Luck.