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Where do I begin? In December I upgraded a phone as a gift and due to a glitch the contract didn’t go through, so when the new phone hadn’t arrived nor did I receive any tracking updates I reached out to Verizon customer service both in store and on the phone to find out what happened.

Lots of back and forth about the original order still pending, it should have cancelled out automatically after 30 days but hadn’t and no one knew how to do it. In the meantime, a new order could not be placed with same trade-in .

Eventually the week before Christmas, a rep on the phone said he had a solution, he’d create a phantom line on my account, ship the phone and the phantom line would go away. 
Long story short, I was charged in full for the new phone, nearly $1,000! And still being charged for that same new phone on a monthly basis.  I want a refund for t being charged twice for the same phone!

since January I have visited the store 6 times, done online chat for up to two hours three times, called the customer service number more times than I can count asking to escalate to a supervisor, waiting on hold, telling the story yet again. I have a ticket number8886896 and notes in my account explaining the situation. I’m beyond disappointed with Verizon. In a lifetime of doing business this is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. The ticket number is meaningless, last time I called after 50 minutes of getting the rep up to speed we got disonnected 

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